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Become a sponsor

With your sponsorship you can substantially support the Zenzeleni School and enable children in the Townships to receive the kind of education they deserve. 

A monthly rate of 45€ (approximately R450) suffices to cover general costs including school fees, outings and even a part of the transport costs of a schoolchild. This is the resulting deficit for each child per month, as the school has to keep school fees low for the South African families, who mainly come from a background of low income and poverty. 
Our goal is to reduce the school’s deficit so that Zenzeleni School does not have to struggle for existence every day any longer, but can stand on their own feet and realize their educational vision in the Townships. 

Speaking about support, we are happy for every donation to AbantwanaCare. That includes sponsorships as well as single donations.  All donations get  forwarded to the Zenzeleni School. 

In case, you decide to take part in an educational sponsorship, you will be offered a certain child’s profile, composed of a photograph together with biographical information. 

Furthermore, you will receive a report about either the school or your personal “ambassador child” twice a year. 

The sponsorship can be cancelled via phone, e-mail or letter post with the Friends of Waldorf Education at any time without further explanation.

Still we would like to advise you, if possible, to support the school and its children in the long run so they can complete the intended school attendance of seven years.

The children of Zenzeleni


Ayola (*2007) lives in Litha Park, a part of Khayelitsa with her parents.

Ayolas favorite subject at school is maths. In school breaks and at home she loves to skip rope with her best friend.

When she is grown up she would like to become a lawyer in Cape Town. 


Zenakhane (*2006) is a sometimes cheeky, but mostly an alert boy, who works quietly and concentrated in class. His favorite subject in school is English.

He lives close to the school with his mother. His mother works as cashier and he would like to become a policeman  when he is grown up.

Whenever he has free time he likes to play soccer. 

Anna Elnaseh 

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