Zenzeleni – do it yourself

In 1999 committed parents from Khayelitsha joined forces with the Centre for Creative Education, a training centre specialised in Waldorf education. Together they managed to purchase a common vision and founded the Zenzeleni School for Creative Education, right in the heart of the biggest Cape Townian Township, where by now live almost two million people. The school remains the first and only Waldorf School in the Townships so far.

Today there are about 275 students attending, going from the pre-school up to grade seven. 

The key aim is to strengthen all students both in community as well as individuality along their process of growing up, striving to teach them self-confidence and responsibility to prepare them for the life after school. Next to the transfer of knowledge, the children are taught to look after each other, pay respect and offer help where needed. A balanced and harmonic atmosphere at school is looked upon as the fundament for that. As the life around school, at home in the streets, is shaken and threatened by poverty and violence the above mentioned values become extremely important.

Besides Xhosa, Mathematics, English and other basic topics the school considers subjects like music, arts and handcraft just as valuable in order to nourish the children’s creativity and fun whilst learning. 

Having successfully graduated the seventh grade, the students are able to get higher education at a continuative school.

At present, Zenzeleni is debating with the government to be accredited the higher grades from 8 to 12 as well in order to finish the educational aim and offer the students a final degree. 

Anna Elnaseh

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